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海势山城-青岛 与一座城市的海誓山盟 青岛航拍

Seapower Mountain City-Qingdao and a City’s Vow Mountain Alliance Qingdao Aerial Photography

项目预算 Project budget

拍摄设备 Shooting equipment

制作周期 Production cycle

服务内容 Service content

前期方案策划 Preliminary Plan Planning

拍摄脚本 Shooting script

勘景复景 Reconnaissance of scenery

拍摄 Shot

后期剪辑 Editing

配音、配乐 Dubbing

影视调色 Film matching

包装特效 Movie affects

为保证画面质量 请选择超清模式观看

In order to ensure the quality of the picture, please choose the super-clear mode to watch